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Ultrasound Societies and Organizations

Who’s Who in Sonography

Like most industries, the medical community is full of acronyms, and that is certainly true in diagnostic medical sonography.  We thought it would be helpful, as you read through the information on our site, to have a place you can go to figure out who all those letters belong to.  We’ll give you a brief introduction, as well as contact information, to all of the major players in the industry.

ARDMS – American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Founded in 1975, the ARDMS is a non-profit organization that is the primary accrediting agency of ultrasound technicians. They offer certification in 5 different specialties, and you must pass their exams to earn their credentials.
(301) 738-8401

SDMS – Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
The SDMS is a membership organization that serves to promote, advance and educate its members. The SDMS also offers continuing Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses that are accepted by the major accrediting agencies.
(800) 229-9506

CAAHEP – Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs
This is the largest accrediting agency in health sciences. They review and accredit educational programs in 23 health science occupations. Completion of a CAAHEP accredited program is one of the prerequisite options for sitting for the ARDMS exam.
(727) 210-2350

CCI – Cardiovascular Credentialing International
Formed in 1968, the CCI is a non-profit organization offering credentials within cardiovascular specialties.
(800) 326-0268

Pearson VUE
Pearson VUE offers testing for a variety of disciplines through a secure network of testing centers. They administer the exams for both the ARDMS and the CCI. Testing locations can be found on their website.
(877) 258-9220

ARRT – American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
The ARRT is the world’s largest credentialing organization for those in medical imaging and radiation therapy. They help to set standards, ethics, and continuing education requirements.
(651) 687-0048

ASE – American Society of Echocardiography
ASE is a membership organization comprised of professionals within the field of cardiography. They offer contributions to the guidelines, ethics and standards within cardiography, as well as continuing medical education (CME).
(919) 861-5574

ACR – American College of Radiology
Another membership organization for radiologists and those in related careers. Dedicated to advancing the science of radiology by advocating for patient care, conducting research, and providing CME.
(202) 223-1670

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