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Addiction Recovery: Tips to Help You Find a Job, Save Money

The decision to begin a new career isn’t an easy one to make, and the difficulty can be compounded by a myriad of factors, including being in recovery from addiction. UltrasoundSchoolsInfo is pleased to welcome guest author Rufus Carter, who has been in recovery for 9 years. For the past 6 years, he has worked as a personal trainer. His website, recoveringworks.com, organizes resources for anyone in recovery who is trying to choose their career path. With the site, he hopes to help those in recovery create fulfilling and lucrative careers.

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Getting treatment and starting life in recovery helps you get back on track, but then you face the prospect of job hunting, often with a gap in employment or lack of education. You still have to make ends meet during this process, which requires getting a little creative. The good news is, between the countless ways to save money and the booming gig economy, there are plenty of options for getting back on your feet.

Smart Spending

Being smart about spending is a habit that will serve you for life, but it’s absolutely essential when you have limited income. Live on less with these strategies to cut spending:

● Eat smart: Your food budget is one spending category that you have a lot of control over. Cooking your own meals at home is more affordable than eating out, and it also allows you to make meals that are nutritious (with the added benefit of better health, which helps your budget too!). Business Insider recommends keeping your grocery budget low by buying store brands, shopping in bulk and only buying what you truly need.

● Set a budget: The best way to stay on track with spending is to set a budget. With free budgeting apps, you don’t have to know anything about budgeting to get started and stick with it. These apps are designed to give you a clear picture of where your money is going, so it’s easier to see where you can cut back.

● Don’t cut corners: As important as it is to keep spending low, you may end up paying more if you cut corners. Some cheaper options are totally worth it, but others can cost you more in the end. For example, if you have job interviews coming up, investing in some good quality clothing that will last is a better choice than buying cheaper clothing that will only last a season.

Find Alternative Sources of Income

Of course, along with cutting spending, you can also find alternative sources of income while looking for a job. The gig economy is in full swing, and it’s all about finding part-time work that suits your needs and interests. This means the options are nearly limitless, whether it’s starting a side gig as a pet sitter, selling handmade items on Etsy, or teaching music lessons. With so many options out there, go for something in a field you really want to be in so that your work fulfills your purpose in life, rather than simply providing a paycheck. You may also gain experience that will help you land your dream job.

What If Your Dream Job is to Start Your Own Business?

Sometimes your side gig turns into something you want to do full time, especially if you’re following your passion while making a profit. If you’re wondering if starting a business is the best fit for you, there are a few key factors to consider about your personality and skill set.

How well do you adapt to change? The day to day of running a business isn’t always consistent, so you have to able to handle whatever comes your way. Are you a problem-solver? The ability to find solutions is a skill that goes right alongside adaptability. Are you self-motivated? Running your own business gives you independence, but it also comes with the responsibility to keep moving forward without a boss telling you what to do.

If you’re in recovery for addiction, it’s possible that you don’t even know you have these skills, but starting a side gig may bring out those qualities in you. According to The Huffington Post, going through recovery may make you a better leader because it helps you understand the importance of relationships and builds resiliency.

Whether you start a full-time business or do a side gig part-time, creating your own source of income doing something you love is rewarding. Keeping a side gig going alongside a regular job also gives you multiple streams of income. These smart money solutions help make ends meet, while setting you up to remain financially stable long-term.


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