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Fun Look at the Multi-Billion Ultrasound Technology Market

The “global ultrasound devices market” is forecasted to “reach a market value of USD 8.71 billion by 2019” up from USD 5.40 billion in 2012, stated a Transparency Market Research (July 1, 2014) press release. This was part of their announcement of their recently published Ultrasound Devices Market report.

The $8.71 Billion figure includes both cart/trolley and compact ultrasound devices, comprising 2D, 3D, 4D, Doppler, High Intensity Frequency and Lithotripsy ultrasound imaging technologies. The ultrasound device applications they analyzed were classified into OB/GYN, abdominal, cardiovascular and other functions. The global study organized/evaluated information from North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Rest of the World.

“The growth of ultrasound devices market is expected to increase with rising incidences of various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer,” stated Transparency Market Research’s press release. Technological advancements in ultrasound devices is further expected to propel the uptake of ultrasound devices market since new technologies that are revolutionizing the ultrasound industry are efficient to diagnose complex diseases with high precision and less time consumption.

We thought just it would be fun to look at how $8.71 billion—the forecasted 2019 value of the global ultrasound device market—equates to other dollar figures (without getting too complicated with the changing value of the USD over time or anything like that).

Here goes!

  • The global Cloud Security Market (as in IT or computer security) will also be worth $8.71 by 2019 states a MarketsandMarkets.com report published in April 2014.
  • The Bahamas’ GDP is $8.8 Billion, according to the IMF World Economic Outlook (April 2014).
  • Reinhold Wuerth’s net worth is $8.6 Billion, according to Forbes, as of July 8, 2014. A German entrepreneur and art collector, Wuerth built his father’s screw and fastener business into a huge global supplier. (Wuerth is #157 on Forbes’ list of world billionaires. Bill Gates with a net worth of $79 Billion is #1).
  • For the Sochi Olympics, a 28-mile roadway and 30-mile railroad between the airport and main sporting venue cost $8.6 Billion to construct, according to Esquire’s Ben Collins. The entire Vancouver Olympics (the previous Winter Games) cost $1.5 Billion.
  • Retail sales for medical marijuana and recreational cannabis are predicted to rise up to $8.2+ Billion per year in the U.S. by 2018, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook (2014)
  • Americans spend between $7 and $8 Billion on greeting cards per year, according to the Greeting Card Association.
  • In 1982, the video game machines across the U.S. took in $8 Billion worth of quarters, according to the book Silicon Valley fever: growth of high-technology culture. (Today, in 2014, that would equate to approximately $19.7 Billion).



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