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Healthcare Careers at Walt Disney World

It’s known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, located just outside Orlando, Florida, is the top visited theme park in the world! In 2013, 18.588 million people visited Magic Kingdom, according to TEA/AECOM’s “Global Attractions Attendance Report.”

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Do you appreciate the wonder, the fun, the thrill, the whimsy, the source of imagination, even the romance…the magic…of Walt Disney World now, as much as you did as a kid? Have you fantasized about working at one of the Disney parks or resorts, but not sure you’re cut out to put on a Mickey or Minnie outfit or play the role of another cast member?

It probably comes as no surprise that Disney hires employees for a bunch of career areas, from business development and engineering to horticulture, IT, broadcasting and hospitality. They also hire healthcare professionals.

Working in Healthcare for Disney

According to DisneyCareers.com, the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (including Walt Disney World in Florida) and the Walt Disney Studios hire professionals for their Medical/Nursing team that care for Disney staff, cast members and visitors alike.

“You’ll be a part of a global team that treats patients in the event of occupational injuries or illnesses, and promotes healthy living through the development and implementation of health fairs, wellness programs and flu vaccinations,” states DisneyCareers.com.

Examples of the types of healthcare positions at Disney properties include registered nurses, health services managers, medical services technicians or medical assistants, Occupational Safety and Health Administration directors, health care administrators and transitional duty assistants.

At Walt Disney World, for example, nurses work in designated first aid stations that are located right inside the theme and water parks; and medical services are also available 24/7 at each of the Disney Resort hotels.

Disney also has a college program, i.e. internships and educational opportunities, open to college students of any major.

Did You Know? Diagnostic medical sonographers are the third hottest job in Florida.

According to Florida’s Bureau of Labor Market Statistics, “Hot jobs are jobs growing faster than the average for all occupations in the area (1.55%), have at least 50 annual openings, have an entry wage of at least $10.99 hr and have an average wage of at least $13.52 hr.” Note, according to the same source, diagnostic medical sonographers earn $61,617.85 on average per year.

Sources: http://www.whatpeopleareasking.com/hot_jobs.asp?port=E http://www.whatpeopleareasking.com/jobs_pay.asp?port=J12

Potential Healthcare Employers near Walt Disney World

Getting hired at a Disney property is incredibly competitive. If you’re not able to land a job right inside one of the parks or studios, you might be able to score one nearby.

For example, Florida Hospital Centra Care operates numerous walk-in urgent care centers in Central Florida and other parts of the state, and at least seven of them are located within 10 of Walt Disney World. Centra Care hires physicians, nurses, radiology technicians, medical assistants and patient registration coordinators.

Furthermore, Orlando, which is under 20 miles away from Walt Disney World Resort, has numerous healthcare opportunities. For example, according to CareerOneStop, Florida Hospital’s site in Orlando is the state’s second largest employer; Florida’s fourth largest employer is Orlando Health which is comprised of numerous hospitals and medical centers.

Healthcare Career Outlook in Orange County Florida

Both Orlando and the Walt Disney World Resort are located in Orange County, Florida.

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, over 36,000 healthcare practitioners and health technologists and technicians were working in Orange County in 2014; and this employment figure is projected to increase by 24.9% through to 2022.

Examples of employment growth outlook stats for specific occupations in Orange County (2014-2022) include:

If you are interested in healthcare, and studying/working close to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”, check out our list of schools that offer ultrasound tech and other allied health programs in Florida at Florida Sonography Schools.

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