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How to Have the Career You’ve Always Wanted

These days, we are busier than ever, balancing the stresses of life, work, family, and our personal interests. Men and women alike are juggling so much and are trying to make it all work on a tight budget and not enough time. But women often feel the brunt of the difficulties at work, where they often don’t make as much as their male counterparts and are sometimes passed over for raises or promotions because of their gender or because they are viewed as risks due to the belief that they’ll need time off or reduced hours for their families.

certified cardiovascular technologist

In fact, according to a 2014 study, 72% of women who don’t have children believe it’s impossible for them to balance work and the mom-life. That’s a lot of stress we put on ourselves, and it can be difficult to advance in your career when you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can kickstart your career–or just punch it up a little–when you start to feel stuck in a rut or are afraid you’ll never find your dream job. Here are some of the easiest.

Go back to school

School isn’t cheap, but depending on your income level, you might qualify for student loans or grants, and many companies offer help with tuition if you’re going for something related to the business. Learning a new skill, such as a new language, is also something to think about, and there are a ton of things you can become certified in, which is much cheaper than traditional college courses, or maybe even free.

It’s Never too Late to go Back to School!

Mature students
Whether you’re a parent looking to get back in the workforce or an adult wanting to change careers, it’s never too late to pursue your education!

“One of the advantages of returning to school when older is that the student tends to be more purpose-driven and thus will be able to benefit more fully from the education they are receiving.”

Get creative

Whether you’re looking to start anew or just want to try something out on the side of the job you already have, it’s easier than ever to get creative and sell your product online. If you’re crafty, you can hit up Etsy and create your own website for handmade jewelry, artwork, clothing, furniture, or anything else you make with your own two hands. If you have experience with accounting or writing, do some freelance work. Starting your own business has never been more possible than it is now, with the access we all have to technology and crowdfunding.

Stephanie Eisler with daughter
Stephanie Eisler, Sonographer, RDMS, shares her story of personal fears and triumphs, and how she turned them into a “fulfilling career of which (she) can say my heart is truly in it“.

Do what you love

This is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s important to find what you love and go after it. Don’t settle for a paycheck if it truly makes you unhappy! It will take a little time and commitment, but you’ll be glad you went after what you really wanted in the end. If your interests lie in journalism, start your own blog. Make it as professional as possible and feature ads to monetize your page. Share it on social media and build up a following; once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use it as a reference when you’re ready to start submitting articles to magazines or other publishers.

WomenLed.orgBy Gloria Martinez

Gloria runs WomenLed.org, which celebrates women’s achievements in the workplace and beyond.

Ms. Martinez believes that while women have made many advancements toward “shattering the glass ceiling,” there is still much to be done. It is her aim to help increase the number of women-led businesses by educating others about the topic.

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