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How to Stay Focused in Class During the Summer

Finding it hard to concentrate in anatomy and physiology class? Is physics flying over your head more than it would if it weren’t so sunny outside? Are medical law concepts not sticking in your brain?

Summer school

If you’re having trouble focusing during summer session, whether you’re studying ultrasound, health sciences or any type of program at all, you’re certainly not alone.

Here are some tips that might help you concentrate at school during the summer term.

Relish the Positives

Already finished your degree?
You might want to take continuing education courses this summer.

It is hard if a lot of people you know are taking the summer off or are taking a big trip while you’re stuck in school. But there can be some pros to summer courses. Depending on the school and program you’re attending, there may be significantly less students on campus during the summer months which can equate to a more relaxing atmosphere, smaller class sizes, possibly an easier time to make friends, more parking and an easier commute, and more  opportunity to have your very favorite study spot all to yourself. Studying during the summer, rather than taking multiple months off, also helps prepare you for the real world.

Create a Routine

If you’re completing a clinical practicum or internship, the summer session’s schedule is basically already established for you. But if there is more flexibility because courses are online or less structured, it is important to create a list of daily and/or weekly goals as well as a schedule of what and when you will accomplish. Break it up into manageable and realistic goals. It may take some trial and error as you determine what your peak productivity time and style is. Make note of events happening during the summer, like weddings, must-go-to festivals or family coming to town, and plan accordingly.

Take time to Enjoy the Season

Who says summer school means no time outside? Take time to do readings or homework in outside spaces on nice days. It’s also good to take study breaks and outdoor exercise can help you stay focused and relieve stress. Reward yourself after checking assignments off the list by doing a favourite summertime activity.

Create a Study Group

If you can, join forces with one or more of your fellow classmates, or with someone in another program also completing summer courses. You can motivate one another, keep each other in check, meet to study together and even celebrate together after a day or week of hard work.

Take some Time to Reflect and Re-energize

Take a little time off before or after summer term so that you can rest, reflect on what works and doesn’t as part of your study routine, and to refuel your energy for your upcoming courses.

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