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Katherine Soto – Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship Recipient

The winner of the Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship is Katherine Soto from Nova Southeastern. Congratulations Katherine!

The winner of the Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship is Katherine Soto from Nova Southeastern!

As I reflect on my journey towards pursuing a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography, I recall a moment that had a significant impact on my decision to choose Nova Southeastern University as the perfect fit for my academic and professional goals. During my visit to NSU, I was struck by the passion and dedication of the faculty, and as I toured the facility, I realized that the diagnostic medical sonography program offered both general and vascular sonography, including subspecialties like abdominal-extended, obstetrics, and gynecology. The challenging curriculum, along with an exceptional clinical experience, convinced me that NSU was the right program for me.

I had the privilege of speaking with an upperclassman of the medical sonography program where they patiently answered all my questions and gave me a tour of the facility. The NSU alumni spoke about the sonography lab’s state-of-the-art equipment and immersive in-person training that an online program simply cannot offer. For example, I was assured that incoming students will begin scanning on their first day of the program. As someone who wanted to jump right into scanning, I felt incredibly encouraged and reassured to know that I would be getting plenty of technical experience right away. The university’s commitment to providing the best equipment, real-world training, and a comprehensive education overall, is what truly sets them apart from other institutions.

Their medical sonography program also offered something unique that stood out to me: the maximum number of students per class is only 15. This level of individualized attention ensures professors can provide personalized feedback on academic performance, which is not commonly offered at other universities. I find that it is also a great way to develop meaningful relationships with my alumni that may continue well into our professional careers. I believe that this is one of the most important reasons for NSU’s excellent track record for success. With this approach, I am confident that I will strengthen my understanding in sonography and be fully prepared for a successful career in the field.

NSU’s medical sonography faculty are experts in their field with different educational and training backgrounds. The professors possess both knowledge and experience of various subspecialties, giving the program a well-rounded foundation. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to personally meet with the program’s director who had the courtesy to answer my questions about the program and provide me with insightful information. The supportive and knowledgeable staff further increased my confidence in the program’s credibility.

What truly solidified my decision though, was the program’s exclusive internships with prestigious healthcare organizations across the country such as the Cleveland Clinic, Baptist Health System, and Mount Sinai Health System and many others. These internships provide students with the opportunity to develop their work ethic and other valuable skills that are necessary in various clinical environments. The program also enables students to take the sonography (ARDMS) registry examination 60 days before the expected date of graduation. Moreover, many NSU alumni that have performed their clinical rotations in these medical organizations have remained employed with them and continue to develop their skills as highly trained medical professionals.

I am grateful for having been accepted to Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography program. The staff’s expertise and commitment to student success are the program’s foundation. The small class sizes, outstanding clinical experience, and hands-on learning opportunities with top healthcare organizations are aspects that I know will prepare me in becoming an asset to the medical field. I am excited to begin my journey in joining a community of dedicated professionals and esteemed alumni passionate about healthcare excellence.


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Spring 2023 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteers

A special thank you to the spring 2023 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee.  Please join us in thanking these wonderful volunteers for their contributions to the sonography community!

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