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Ultrasound Career Resource and Advice

UltrasoundJOBS.Com is a career resource geared to assist sonography employers and job seekers alike. Not only does the ultrasound recruitment site serve as a resource for those looking for a new position, whether it is their first ultrasound technologist job or they wishing to advance their sonography career; it also serves as a guide for employers so they can fill essential vacancies and showcase what makes their workplaces and positions unique.

Ultrasound jobs

Furthermore, UltrasoundJOBS.Com is a National Healthcare Career Network member, and a partner of the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography).

Some Advice for Ultrasound Job Seekers from UltrasoundJOBS.Com

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer jobs are projected to increase by 46% between 2012 and 2022.

Source: www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/diagnostic-medical-sonographers.htm

On UltrasoundJOBS.Com, new and established sonography professionals can create an online profile/post their resume and search the job bank for opportunities.

Additionally, the site also offers a wealth of career tip articles and video seminars.

Here’s just some of the advice you can glean from UltrasoundJOBS.Com’s Career Learning Center:

  • In her presentation, career services expert Michelle Riklan offers a wealth of valuable information like how to avoid having a “dry turkey”-style resume; the “hidden job market” (she says 95% of job openings are not publicized or advertised); and how actions like having an unprofessional voicemail recording can sabotage your job search efforts.
  • Career counselor Alan De Back says many employers, from corporate to healthcare, now assess potential job candidates using a “behavioral interview”. He defines a behavioral interview as one “based on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is past performance.” Examples of behavioral interview questions are “Tell me about a time…?” or “Describe a situation where you…”? In his video seminar, De Back shares tips on how to prepare for and ace a behavioral interview.
  • Career coach Marshall Brown leads an inspiring seminar called “Building Your Brand.” This is applicable to every type of field, whether you are pursuing a career in medical imaging, marketing, law, broadcasting or any field in between. Brown says developing your brand (what makes you stand out and unique) is important in all stages of your professional life—not just when you are job searching. It is particularly important today as opposed to when employees used to stay at the same job for the same employer for their entire working life.

You can learn more about these career tips, and others, and search for ultrasound jobs by visiting:  www.ultrasoundjobs.com

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