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About Ultrasound Schools Info

Since 2011 Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com has worked with sonography educators and experts from around the world, drawing from their experience to become a trusted resource for those researching professional careers in medical imaging and education options for diagnostic medical sonography (DMS).

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support and to advance diagnostic medical sonography through career education.  Supported by a network of seasoned healthcare professionals, we gather trusted information and perspectives from authoritative sources and present them in an interesting, easy to understand format.

Beyond offering information about degree paths, specialty options, and the basic job description, we share our professional insights in articles & interviews from today’s leaders & pioneers in the field.

Our Quality Standards

At Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com, our goal is to provide a reliable and accurate resource for students and professionals alike.  Information is reviewed on an ongoing basis by our ultrasound panel members to ensure:

  • Consistent, reliable and up to date information that visitors can use to help them in their career and education decisions.
  • Information that goes deeper than typical resources, offering a broad spectrum of information, all in one location.
  • We provide an avenue for input or feedback on our site at info@ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com.

Editorial Team

Wendy Fanello – Editor

Wendy Fanello

Wendy began her professional life in business management & finance where she managed a team of professionals.  She also spent several years volunteering as an instructor for Junior Achievement, and working on a volunteer basis with public elementary and middle schools.

After a successful career spanning 22 years, she decided to pursue her love of career mentoring and writing. As the Editor of Ultrasound Schools Info Wendy leads the editorial team, coordinates content research, and oversees our quality audits.  She also works to coordinate guest articles & interviews with some of today’s leaders in healthcare training & education.

Her loves in life include her family, gardening, yoga, and anything that takes her outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Michelle Brunet – Editorial Team

Michelle Brunet

Michelle is a writer and frequent contributor to Ultrasound Schools Info. She enjoys working with health care professionals to share their stories and help inspire our next generation of medical imaging experts.

When not contributing to UltrasoundSchoolsInfo.com, Michelle also enjoys traveling, eating cuisine from different pockets of the world, hiking and grooving on the dance floor.

Experts and Contributors

Stephanie Eisler, RDMS

Stephanie Eisler

Stephanie has been working in the field of diagnostic sonography for the past five years and currently specializes in High Risk OB sonography at a Maternal Fetal Medicine practice in Orlando, Florida.

She graduated from Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, now referred to as Adventist University of Health Sciences, in 2009.

Traci Hawkins, Registered Nurse (RN)

Traci Hawkins
Traci Hawkins received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 2016 and currently works in urgent care at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Washington.  Her experience working on the front lines of healthcare provides a real-world prospective on modern patient care and clinic operations.

Emily Long

Emily Long
Emily is a part of the communications team at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, PA. She enjoys writing about current trends in health care and helping students get the information they need to land a job in their desired career field. When she is not writing, Emily loves spending time outdoors, playing the guitar, and riding motorcycles.

Tiffany Burke

Tiffany Burke
Tiffany is a contributing writer and photographer.  She wears many hats including wife, mother, and surrogate mother.  She described herself best when saying,  “I love life, inspiring stories and helping those around me.”  We’re lucky to have her share her expertise and prospective with our readers.

Amy Allen

Ultrasound Schools Info
After receiving a B.A. in Spanish from WWU in 2010, Amy spent time traveling, hiking, farming, biking, baking, teaching, reading, socializing and otherwise practicing being an adult.

She is now back in school pursuing a career in physical therapy, through which she has hopes of participating in some radical national healthcare reform and attitude adjustments.

Gloria Martinez

Gloria runs WomenLed.org, which celebrates women’s achievements in the workplace, healthcare, business, and beyond.

Ms. Martinez believes that while women have made many advancements toward “shattering the glass ceiling,” there is still much to be done. It is her aim to help increase the number of women-led businesses by educating others about the topic.

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