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About Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com

Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com is an informational resource for those interested in pursing education and career options in diagnostic medical sonography.  Our goal is to gather information and data from trusted and authoritative sources and compile them in an interesting and easy to understand format. We strive to provide insights into the many ultrasound career options, including job descriptions, specializations, salary data, job growth, and degree options. In addition, we provide information on campus based and online schools offering medical sonography and imaging programs.

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Drop us a note! We’d love to hear from you. Please send us your questions, feedback & comments. We’re also always looking to add new stories & articles from those who are currently working in healthcare, or from students who are working towards earning their degree.

Our Quality Standards

At Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com, our goal is to provide a reliable and accurate resource for students and professionals alike. Our site is reviewed on an ongoing basis by our ultrasound panel members to ensure:

  • Consistent, reliable and up to date information that visitors can use to help them in their career and education decisions.
  • Information that goes deeper than typical resources, offering a broad spectrum of information, all in one location.
  • We provide an avenue for input or feedback on our site at info@ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com.

Visit our site map for a full directory of our career, education, & training articles.

We are always seeking ways to improve the quality and usability of our resource. If you have any feedback, comments, or questions, please contact us at info@ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com.

Privacy Policy

Ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com is committed to respecting your online privacy and protecting any information you may share with us. Please visit our privacy policy to read how we protect, manage, and disclose your information.

Our Story

In the summer of 2010, the husband of one of our editors was diagnosed with cancer.  Twice.  He had found a concerning lump in his testicle, and scheduled an appointment with his doctor (even though he himself was sure it was nothing). The doctor was concerned, and said he needed an ultrasound to confirm his suspicion. By the end of the day, they had confirmed through the ultrasound that he had cancer. Routine blood work was ordered, at which time an elevated PSA was discovered, which is a common indicator of prostate cancer. Within three days, he was being seen by both an oncologist and a urologist, and within a week had begun treatment for testicular cancer. Two months later, his prostate was removed. Because the ultrasound was so immediately available, with same day results, the cancers were caught before they had a chance to spread. Diagnostic medical sonographers have a hand in detecting this potentially devastating disease, that affects so many of us, either directly or indirectly. It’s a vitally important career choice.

Our Team

Wendy Fanello – Publisher/Editor

Wendy FanelloHi, I’m Wendy, and I’m a Mom, wife, soccer taxi, and writer. I began my professional life in the corporate world, and after 22 years, decided I’d had enough. I left to pursue my passion for writing, and have had the good fortune to become the Editor/Publisher here at UltrasoundSchoolsInfo. This is such a great team to be a part of, and my goal is to be able to bring awareness and education to such an important career choice.

I spend my time researching and writing about medical imaging careers and education, as well as articles on family life and parenting. My loves in life include my family, gardening, yoga, and anything that takes me outside here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Stephanie Eisler, RDMS – Contributor

Stephanie Eisler

Stephanie has been working in the field of diagnostic sonography for the past four years and currently specializes in High Risk OB sonography at a Maternal Fetal Medicine practice in Orlando, Florida.

She graduated from Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, now referred to as
Adventist University of Health Sciences, in 2009.

Traci Hawkins – Contributor

Traci Hawkins

I’m Traci & I am a recent graduate from RN school, in addition I have an AS in Medical Assisting and am Mom to three beautiful children.

Emily Long – Contributor

Emily Long

Emily is a part of the communications team at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, PA. She enjoys writing about current trends in health care and helping students get the information they need to land a job in their desired career field. When she is not writing, Emily loves spending time outdoors, playing the guitar, and riding motorcycles.

Tiffany Burke – Contributor

Tiffany BurkeHello! I am Tiffany, I am a photographer, wife, mother and current surrogate mother. I love life, inspiring stories and helping those around me.

Michelle Brunet – Contributor

Michelle BrunetHi! I’m Michelle. I am a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Ultrasound Schools Info.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, eating cuisine from different pockets of the world, hiking and grooving on the dance floor.

Amy Allen – Contributor

AmyAfter receiving a B.A. in Spanish from WWU in 2010, Amy spent time traveling, hiking, farming, biking, baking, teaching, reading, socializing and otherwise practicing being an adult.

She is now back in school pursuing a career in physical therapy, through which she has hopes of participating in some radical national healthcare reform and attitude adjustments.

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