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Exciting news! The 2024 Sonography Student Scholarship recipient has been chosen.
Thanks to all applicants for your participation!

Interview with Sonographer Candice Sellers, B.S., RDMS

Candice Marie Sellers, B.S. ,RDMS

Hello! My name is Candice Marie Sellers. I am a single mother of three amazing children! Their ages range from 12 to 25 years old. I also have an adorable grandson who is 4 years old. I started my healthcare journey out in the pharmaceutical industry.

I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare industry from a very early age. Working as Certified Pharmacy Technician(CPhT) for over IO years allowed me the opportunity to learn so much about medication and its impact to our overall health.

My experiences with being pregnant left me fascinated with the ultrasound profession. Once I began the research, I realized that there were so many ways that ultrasound can be used, I was totally sold on becoming a Sonographer so that I can make a difference in the healthcare community!

A graduate of Gwinnett Tech’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program, Ms Sellers was awarded top clinical student honors in her class!  She joined us as a member of our Fall 2020 Sonography Student Scholarship Selection Committee.

We asked that Ms Sellers share some of her knowledge, industry insights, and inspiration for future and current sonographers. You will find that conversation below.  A big THANK YOU to this Sonography Super Star. ⭐️ Thank you for your time and dedication!

Learn more about Candice and her projects:

What do you like most about working as a DMS?

What I like most about working as a DMS is being able to be apart of the diagnostic imaging team! We as Sonographers are the doctor’s eyes! If we don’t see it…they can’t treat the patients! Sonographers get to see first hand what could potentially be causing a patient’s discomfort or concerns.

“Sonographers are extremely important in the diagnostic imaging industry. We view things real time! Strive for Excellence! Always keep learning!”

Tell us more about SonoCandy?

SonoCandy by Candice Marie showcases a bridge between the ultrasound world and life. The brand will also serve as a resource to offer ultrasound tips and medical tips for the prospective ultrasound student, existing ultrasound students, healthcare professionals, as well as the professional ultrasound technologist.

SonoCandy by Candice Marie shows my personal journey as a single mom who has navigated through life and ultrasound studies. In addition, SonoCandy by Candice Marie includes motivational content for everyday working moms, students, and healthcare professionals. This content will provide healthcare literacy within the community.

The ultrasound profession is such an underappreciated field due to the lack of knowledge of just how instrumental ultrasound is to the medical field. Ultrasound requires formal education with a very good knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy.  SonoCandy by Candice Marie will help to bridge the gap so that the community will become more aware of the importance of ultrasound. I’d like to think of the information as “bite sized pieces of information”, hence the name SonoCandy!

What would you like future Sonographers to know about the field?

I would like for future Sonographers to know is that Ultrasound is an absolutely amazing profession! There are many hard and soft skills that one must have in order to be an EXCELLENT Sonographer. You not only have to have a full knowledge of the human anatomy, but one must be able to adapt to change quickly, as well as be a team player. I would also say to any future Sonographer for them to do the research on ultrasound. Sonographers do more than scan babies. We scan just about anything pertaining to the human anatomy.

What inspired you to enroll in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Gwinnett Technical College?

I wanted to be able to contribute and make a difference in the healthcare industry by receiving exceptional education from an accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

Candice Sellers, A.S., RDMS

Candice Sellers, B.S., RDMS

Is there something that stands out about your time and training at Gwinnett Technical College?

I was awarded for being the top clinical student in my class! I absolutely enjoyed my clinical training! The instructors were very helpful and the coursework prepared me for my professional journey as a Sonographer.

What did you find most interesting or rewarding about the program?

The variety of clinical sites that were provided for the students was absolutely awesome! There are so many programs that do not offer this. Some students have to find their own sites. Also our program was fully equipped with several up to date ultrasound machines as well as simulators! There were tons of resources provided!

Have you had a mentor or influencer in your Sonography career?

Several of my ultrasound preceptors mentored me throughout the program as well as during my current professional career. We stay in touch quite often.

Anything else that you’d like to share about life, sonography, your future plans?

I will continue the SonoCandy by Candice Marie brand to serve as a resource to the community by sharing ultrasound and healthcare information!. I’ve also recently started my own mobile ultrasound business, SonoImage, LLC! Through the business we will provide diagnostic ultrasound services. I’m currently working on my elective ultrasound boutique (Bella Blooming Babies) -Coming Soon!


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