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Exciting news! The 2024 Sonography Student Scholarship recipient has been chosen.
Thanks to all applicants for your participation!

Fall 2021 Scholarship Winner Kayla Klemp

Kayla Klemp, Bellin College

The winner of the Fall 2021 Sonography Student Scholarship is Kayla Klemp of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Kayla is currently enrolled in the sonography program at Bellin College in Wisconsin, where she is working towards her Bachelor’s of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and a Minor in Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (DCS).

Applicants for this Fall’s scholarship were asked the question “Why did you select your particular college or university to earn your degree in medical imaging?  Share a story about what sets your program apart”.

The Winning Essay From Kayla

As a child, I remember going to the hospital for all sorts of reasons ranging from routine checkups to getting a cast on my fractured forearm. I was captivated by the medical field from the start of my career search; however, we all know how broad this category is. To get my foot in the door, I decided to take a CNA course as I was initially interested in nursing. I liked the patient care aspect of this vocation, but I didn’t see myself being a CNA forever. My career search persisted until I received a Bellin College pamphlet in the mail. I’m glad that one word caught my eye; Sonography was bolded in navy blue font.

I knew that Bellin College specialized with medical related degrees since my sister was in their nursing program. Further investigation made me even more interested in the Sonography field. The fact that sound waves are able to create internal images without the use of harmful exposure is simply astounding. The anatomy and physics principles related to this field personally intrigued me as well. This lead me to attend Bellin’s medical imaging camp three Summers ago, and I remember how excited I was to be pursuing this field. I got to see what a day on the job would look like and experienced the close community connections between Green Bay area hospitals and Bellin College.

I was so impressed that I started applying to Bellin College the very next day! Not only was attending the camp an amazing opportunity, but it automatically came with a scholarship upon admission that paid for the entire camp experience and more. When researching other colleges, I found that no other college could compare to what Bellin had to offer. Later that year, I was told I was one of ten students accepted into the BSDMS program and was given admission and merit scholarships.

Once you are admitted to Bellin College, you have direct entry into your program and are not put on a wait list. On top of that, over 1,200 clinical hours are already scheduled for you by the college based on your preferences. These major stressors are taken care of for you, and most colleges do not offer that combination. Every class, even general electives, taken at Bellin are tailored to a career in healthcare as well.  Bellin also offers a close-knit community centered environment.

Specifically in the unique Sonography program, I can obtain my BSDMS degree within three years as two of the semesters are completed during the Summer.  Moreover, we get to start scanning our first year before even entering a clinical setting.  My certifications will include Sonography Principles and Instrumentation, Abdomen, Ob/Gyn, and Vascular.  Considering the limited amount of programs that offer this component, vascular training is a plus.  I am also able to minor in Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography during my senior year.

Bellin College has an exceptional 100% pass rate in regard to Board examinations in the Sonography program as well.  Since it is a private school, closer peer and professor relationships can be formed.  A 10:1 student to faculty ratio also ensures that you have access to extra help and equipment to practice.  This program is continuing to grow as we will be getting another scan lab in the near future.  If you aren’t interested in the general ultrasound track, you can also apply for a focused adult and fetal echo program starting this year too.  I am positive that my education through Bellin College will successfully prepare me for a career in the Sonography field.


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