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Interviews with Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

We have had the honor to speak with experts and in sonography from across the country and around the world. Hear from leaders in Sonography and learn how they have reached their personal and professional goals in the field. Lean about what motivates them and the advice they have to help you succeed in the amazing career of diagnostic medical sonography.

Ultrasound Schools Info Featured Interviews

Interview with Sonographer Carlos Reveles, RDMS

Interview with Sonographer Carlos Reveles, RDMS

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carlos Reveles, a high risk Ob/Gyn sonographer.  In this interview, Carlos shares with us what led to him being recently recognized as a standout sonographer by his employer, and what it’s like being a male in a traditionally female field.  Welcome Carlos! Hello my Name is Carlos… Explore Carlos’s Sonography Journey

Tips on Passing the SPI

Passing the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation Exam

Adrienne Hardy, RDMS (Ab, Ob/Gyn) – Contributor I clicked submit on the SPI physics exam and ran out the the room. The test proctor handed me a piece of paper with a huge scared looking picture of myself taken before the exam, my ARDMS number and the results of my SPI examination. My hand shook as… Passing the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation Exam

How To Manage The Stress of Ultrasound School

Stressed Sonography Student

Candice Sellers, B.S., RDMS – Contributor The Ultrasound School Experience Ultrasound school is a very exciting and rewarding experience. The excitement of finally reaching your goal of getting accepted into an accredited ultrasound program is certainly a tremendous milestone! However, there will be moments of frustration and stress that will occur during your journey in… How I Managed Stress While in My Sonography Program

Interview with Samantha Callis, MHA, ACS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Samantha Callis, MHA, ACS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Sam Callis, contributor at USI, is an author and sonographer with experience in multi-specialty clinical practice, higher education, and the medical device industry. She is the author of Diagnostic Medical Sonography – The Definitive Guide to Planning Your Career.  We were first introduced to Samantha back in 2019 with this terrific interview in which she… From Art to Science: A Sonographer’s Unique Career Path

Adina Pupko, BS, RDMS, RDCS

Adina Pupko, BS, RDMS, RDCS

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director Adina Pupko, BS, RDMS, RDCS Ms. Pupko has been the Program Director for the Echo-Vascular track of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) since its inception in August 2018. She has over 20 years of experience working in echo-vascular ultrasound and many years teaching… The Evolution of Sonography: Insights from Adina Pupko

Interview with Sonographer, Author and Program Director Yonella Demars, PhD RDMS (Ab, Ob/Gyn, PS) RVT

Sonographer, Author and Program Director Yonella Demers, MSRS RDMS (Ab, Ob/Gyn, PS) RVT

Yonella Demars has been a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer for over nine years. She has a BS and Master’s degree in Radiologic Sciences and is currently in the candidacy phase of a Radiation Science PhD degree. Her interest is burnout and organizational commitment among sonographers in the U.S.  She is also an author and entrepreneur of… Read more

Sonographer, Educator, Pioneer and Ergonomics Expert, Joan P. Baker

It was truly an honor to interview Joan P. Baker MSR, RDMS, RDCS, FSDMS. Originally from England, Baker was invited to the United States in the 1960s – due to her sonography passion and practice – and she’s been here ever since. Baker’s eclectic career as a clinical sonographer, educator, and now president of the… Read more

Interview With Sonographer Dr. Traci Fox

Dr. Traci Fox EdD, RT(R), RDMS, RVT

Dr. Traci Fox EdD, RT(R), RDMS, RVT has been a sonographer for over 20 years, but she’s been intrigued by the sciences since grade school. She earned her Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees from Thomas Jefferson University, and her Doctorate in Education from Drexel University. Currently she is a full time Diagnostic Medical Sonography… Read more

The Beneficial Uses of Core Ultrasound

Heather Christensen is a Physician’s Assistant and graduate of Northeastern University

Heather Christensen, PA-C, CSS is a Physician’s Assistant and graduate of Northeastern University. In her practice, she uses ultrasound to teach individuals how to exercise properly in order to resolve or prevent problems in their back and other parts of their body’s core. Heather is the founder of UltrasoundCore.com and the creator of two Core… Read more

A Sonographer’s Guide to Personal and Professional Success

Tatym Schneider

We headed north to Canada to speak to British Columbia-based sonographer Tatym Schneider. We first learned about Tatym upon discovering her blog, SmartSonographer.com, which seeks to share ultrasound knowledge and inspire sonographers to excel in their profession. Tatym is not only a writer and an ARDMS-certified/Canadian Registered Sonographer (CRS), but she’s also a digital artist… Read more

Using Simulation to Train Sonographers

Ultrasound simulation training

As technology continues to evolve and permeate the field of healthcare, health science educators are utilizing advanced simulation training to prepare students for the challenges of the clinical environment. Medical facilities are also turning to simulation tools to help health professionals improve processes in the workplace. Sonography instructors have seen tremendous value for their students… Read more

Tricia Turner Shares Her Passion for Sonography

Tricia Turner Shares Her Passion for Sonography

Tricia Turner (BS, RDMS, RVT) graduated from the South Hills School of Business & Technology (SHS) Sonography program in 1999.  Today, she is the program’s Director. The Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program at South Hills School of Business & Technology (SHS) started in the mid-90s with about five students. Now the program currently boasts approximately… Read more

Time Management Tips for Sonographers

cardiology chart

In addition to the faculty highlighted in our “Advice from Ultrasound Professors” article, we also heard back from Ken Galbraith, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York. X The Chair of the Ultrasound Program offered this advice for aspiring medical imagers: “Take care of your patients’ needs… Read more

Emily Downs, DMS Program Director at University of Colorado

Emily Downs is an experienced Diagnostic Medical Sonographer with a BS in Radiation Science.  She is currently the Program Director of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program of Denver in Colorado, where she has served for the past three years. In 2014, she received the IFSER (International Foundation For Sonography Education and Research) International Outreach Advocate Award… Read more

Interview with Ultrasound Tech and Tutor, Melessa Cizik

Melessa Cizik, RDMS

Melessa Cizik has been an ultrasound tech for over 10 years with extensive experience performing general, OB/GYN, small parts and vascular ultrasound exams. Having graduated the top of her sonography class at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey, Cizik now offers ultrasound tutoring services online, using video, audio and whiteboard technologies. She helps individuals… Read more

How to Boost Your Resume While Still in Your Sonography Program

New job

Author: Emily Long, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences As a diagnostic medical sonography student, you are probably starting to explore the job market in effort to secure employment upon graduation. This, of course, is not a unique circumstance. Every year thousands of students in all sorts of academic programs are concerned about landing their first… Read more

Interview with Tom Whelan, Sonographer, Teacher and Pioneer (Part 2)

Tom Whelan

In Part 1 of our interview with diagnostic medical sonographer, echocardiographer and vascular technologist,  Tom Whelan (RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FASE), we learned how he started his sonography career over three decades ago and how he has been a pioneer in the field.  In this second part, he shares some of his professional highlights as well… Read more

Interview with Tom Whelan, Sonographer, Teacher and Pioneer (Part 1)

Tom Whelan

Editor’s Note: Tom Whelan passed away in February of 2018. Our thoughts are with his family, and we remain thankful for his many contributions to the medical imaging community. Tom Whelan (RDMS, RDCS, RVT, FASE) has been a sonographer for nearly 35 years. The ARDMS-certified professional and Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography has… Read more

Interview with Sonographer & Vascular Technician, Jessica Carlino

Jessica Carlino, RDMS, RVT

Jessica Carlino, RDMS, RVT, is a diagnostic medical sonographer and registered vascular technician in Lancaster Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PA College) and is currently pursuing her Health Sciences Bachelor Degree. She anticipates completing this BSHS degree at PA College in May, 2015.  Pictured below… Read more

OB/GYN Sonographer Sandra Minck, RDMS

Sandra Minck, RDMS

Sandra Minck, RDMS has been a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) for nearly 29 years. She was inspired to start her ultrasound career after seeing that first sonogram while pregnant with her first child. Now a mother of two, Minck is also the author of Ultrasound Unwrapped: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Image Guide, where she provides a… Read more

Ultrasound Podcasters, Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin!

Ultrasound Podcasters, Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin!

Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin are the founders and co-hosts of Ultrasound Podcast, an entertaining and educational audio-visual show that has been downloaded over 500,000 times in more than 180 countries. The podcasts are hilarious, even sometimes bold, but don’t let their cheekiness fool you! Dr. Dawson (MD, RDMS, RDCS) the Director of… Read more

Interview with Dr Taco Geertsma, Radiologist

Dr. Taco Geertsma, Radiologist and Founder of UltrasoundCases.info

Dr. Taco Geertsma is a radiologist and head of the Ultrasound department at Hospital Gelderse Vallei, The Netherlands. He is also the founder of Ultrasoundcases.info, a teaching website that makes case files available free of charge for educational use to hundreds of thousands of people every year.  As of May, 2013, UltrasoundCases.info has shared over… Read more

Interview with Dave Felix, Traveling Sonographer and President of SonoTemps Inc.

Dave and Ellen Felix, founders of SonoTemps, Inc.

“I love talking about ultrasound,” says Dave Felix, who has been a registered sonographer (RDMS) for more than 15 years. In 1995, Felix established SonoTemps Inc. with his wife Ellen (who brought her extensive experience in health information management to the company). The Florida- based staffing agency sends out its skilled and qualified traveling sonographers… Read more

Interview with Echocardiographer, Chelsey Wright

Chelsey Wright,BS-MIRS, RDCS (AE, PE), RDMS

UltrasoundSchoolsInfo.com is thrilled to have interviewed Chelsey Wright, BS-MIRS, RDCS (AE, PE), RDMS, as she provided such great insight into what it is like to go to school for, and work in, the sonography profession. As you can see by her credentials, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences and has… Read more

Dr. Neal Kassell, Founder of the FUSF

Neal Kassell M.D.

Dr. Neal Kassell is the founder of the Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation, whose mission it is “to shorten the time from technology development to patient treatment; to foster new applications; and to accelerate the worldwide adoption of focused ultrasound surgery.” We were fortunate enough to speak to Dr. Kassell, a neurosurgery professor at the University… Read more