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Getting Started in Medical Imaging

The idea of starting a new career can be intimidating. Whether you’re still in high school or want to change careers as an adult, we can help with a step-by-step guide that will take you through the process of achieving your long-term goals.

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Resources For High Schools Students

A strong start, a solid foundation. When it comes time to choose electives, be sure to keep your ultimate goal in mind. If you want a career in the health care industry, it’s wise to study math, science, English, and health in high school. Be sure to study hard, and get good grades. This will put you in a good position when it comes time to look at higher education.

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Diploma or GED Required?

A vocational or community college will require you to have your high school or your General Education Diploma for admittance into their degree or program. Good SAT scores and high marks in school will give you an advantage if the college has limited enrollment.

Stories of Inspiration

Tips For Career Changes

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Thinking about changing direction? If you're considering launching a new career, whether it's because you're looking for new inspiration or re-entering the workforce after raising a family, we'll help you through the process of deciding if the field of healthcare is right for you.

There are many paths to consider, from entry-level positions that require little or no education beyond a high school to diploma, to more advanced roles that require further training and education.


The most respected certifying agency for ultrasound technicians is the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).  While it is not typically required by law that ultrasound techs carry a professional certification or license, most employers will prefer it, so it’s definitely something to consider as you pursue your education.  In order to receive their certification, you must take and pass their exam.

More About Certification

Growing Strong

Sonographers are ranked #6 among the 30 occupations projected to see the fastest growth, according to the BLS, with a 46% increase in employment predicted through 2022.

Ready, Set, Go!

As you begin to look at higher education, there will be so much going through your mind. Is it close to/far away from home? Will I know anyone there? Will I like it?


These are all very important, and you will find that there are many programs out there, so do the research to determine if the school is accredited, how much the tuition will cost, the percentage of graduates who gain employment in their field, and the degrees and programs offered.

Program & Degree Information by State

Diagnostic medical sonography is ranked 3rd by the BLS in terms of the fastest growing careers requiring only an Associate’s degree.

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