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Exciting news! The 2024 Sonography Student Scholarship recipient has been chosen.
Thanks to all applicants for your participation!

Jamie Williams – Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship Recipient

The winner of the Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship is Jamie Williams from UWHC School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Congratulations Jamie!

The winner of the Spring 2023 Sonography Student Scholarship is Jamie Williams from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee!

Before graduating high school, I knew a career in the medical imaging field was for me. To confirm my decision, I job shadowed different diagnostic medical sonography specialties, and became intrigued with echocardiography. I pursued the baccalaureate level program through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, completed the prerequisite courses, acquired my Certified Nursing Assistant license, obtained my minor in health care administration, and applied to the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics (UWHC) School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS). Some of the values in the UWHC School of DMS program handbook include “empathy, integrity, respect, responsibility, and excellence.” These are values I aspire to and practice whether I am in class, clinical, or scan lab. The shared values confirms UWHC School of DMS is the right fit for me.

Before starting classes at the UWHC School of DMS, I attended three days of orientation to meet faculty, students, tour the school to see different classrooms and scan rooms. Junior students in the program are paired with a senior mentor from their same college and specialty. This allows junior students to acquire guidance from their senior mentor about classes, scan lab, and different clinical sites. Also at orientation, I learned how to scan the first part of an echocardiogram, which is the parasternal long axis view. In addition, I scanned the first part of a lower extremity venous duplex examination, which starts at the common femoral vein in the upper thigh. Having this relationship and scanning with my senior mentor during orientation was a remarkable opportunity!

After the first month at UWHC School of DMS, I attended clinicals on Monday and Friday, while having classes and scan labs Tuesday through Thursday. I learned a great deal from each sonographer I worked with at clinical, ranging from scanning skills to patient care. Furthermore, building relationships with sonographers at each clinical site I rotate through is a great networking opportunity. The UWHC School of DMS has 22 clinical sites for echocardiography/vascular students to rotate through during the program, including pediatric echocardiography specific sites. I have completed four echocardiography specific clinical site rotations as a second semester student in the program. Each site is a unique experience because of different protocols, seasoned sonographers, and if it is an inpatient or outpatient setting. Learning from multiple sonographers has improved my skills and confidence to make my clinicals an astounding experience!

I recently volunteered at the UW Health School of DMS Spring Conference at UW Hospital. I networked with cardiac sonographers, professors, clinical instructors, and ultrasound machine representatives. For echocardiography, the new GE LOGIQ E10 ultrasound machine was demonstrated using strain and 3D volume imaging. The knowledge that all the sonographers I interacted with was extraordinary! Knowledge is power. The more knowledge and understanding I have, the more I can effectively communicate with patients and medical professionals.

The UWHC School of DMS has a 100% pass rate for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) board examinations. The faculty prepares students to sit for their board examinations. Junior students in the program will sit for the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) ARDMS board examination this summer. The programs’ DMS Physics professor has started to prepare junior students by holding review sessions twice weekly and taking mock quizzes. Echocardiography/vascular students take the ARDMS Adult Echocardiography and Vascular Technology board examinations before graduation. In addition, echocardiography/vascular students have the option to take the ARDMS Pediatric Echocardiography board examination shortly after graduation, and I will be taking that board examination. The UWHC School of DMS is preparing me to become an exceptional Adult and Pediatric Echocardiographer, and Vascular Sonographer.

Spring 2023 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteers

A special thank you to the spring 2023 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee.  Please join us in thanking these wonderful volunteers for their contributions to the sonography community!

Sonography Student Scholarship The Ultrasound Schools Info student scholarship is a national, annual, non-renewable $1,000 scholarship awarded to an aspiring sonographer currently enrolled in a CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography program, or a high school student who has been accepted to a program.

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