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Naroopa Narine, RDMS (Br)

Naroopa Narine, RDMSNaroopa has worked in healthcare for thirteen years, with over eleven years of hands-on clinical and workplace experience.

“My journey was not easy; but it was totally worth it! I started my professional career as a mobile Sonographer, which was very difficult.

What made it tough is having to work alone, driving to all different types of facilities (including jails), and performing just about every type of scan outside of echo that you can imagine.

I cried everyday for about two weeks, due to constant daily challenges that I’ve never experienced before. I kept pushing myself to focus and to take even the negative experiences and mold them into new lessons in order to be a better Sonographer.”

A 2009 graduate of Eastern International College’s DMS program (formerly Microtech), Naroopa Narine, RDMS (Br) joined us as a member of our Fall 2020 Sonography Student Scholarship Selection Committee.

We were also lucky enough to have Ms Narine share some of her experiences, ideas, and inspiration for future and current sonographers alike. You’ll find that below. A big THANK YOU to this Sonography All Star.  Thank you for all you do to educate and support our community!

Learn more about Naroopa and her projects:

What do you like most about working as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

I am a very creative person; therefore capturing images is actually more fun for me than work. Also, there is of course the rewarding feeling of being able to locate abnormalities in a patient, which plays a pivotal role in their care.

“I find the human body and its functions fascinating! I am therefore always excited to perform an ultrasound scan. I think it is amazing to be able to look inside the body in real time and locate abnormalities. I find it even more rewarding to be able to be the eyes for the Radiologist or the Doctor to determine a patient’s plan of care.”

What inspired you to enroll in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at your school?

I always wanted to be in healthcare and creating images appealed to my creative side, rather than something like nursing.

What is something that you wish someone would have told you when you were getting started in the field?

I am very satisfied with all of the experience and knowledge I have gained on my own, however I do wish I would have known my options and possible job opportunities more in depth in the beginning of my career.

What advice do you offer students who are struggling academically?

Find other study methods. For example, sometimes investing in a white board to write down and draw out physics formulas may perhaps be more effective for a student to retain information, rather than just reading it.

Also, remember that the books that the school provides are not the only resources out there. Don’t be afraid to diverge a bit to obtain supplemental reading; which you may find easier to decipher. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

How can students best prepare for a successful career after graduation?

I believe passing your SPI exam as soon as you can is very helpful, especially if you can pass it before graduating. This is because most jobs are currently asking for the RDMS credential for new hires. However, do not stress or overwhelm yourself too much with this. Remember that everyone’s journey is not the same. Success has no time frame.

Have you had a mentor or influencer in your Sonography career?

Yes, my humble beginnings influenced me; I was literally born in a village in a third world country, and my family worked VERY hard for me to even have a chance at certain opportunities. This drives me and influences me everyday in so many ways.

Tell us more about Ultrasoundtechniques.com? What inspired you to start the site and share your knowledge?

Last Spring I was given an amazing opportunity to work in an Ultrasound Lab with Physician Assistant students at a local University; this unlocked a craving to continue teaching and sharing knowledge.

I especially wanted to help fellow Sonographers because I know how rough navigating the “waves” of the journey can become. I therefore started UltrasoundTechniques.com to spread useful ultrasound information and to catalog my blog called “ A Sonographer’s Blog”.

I also created a Youtube and an Instagram to follow suit. I create all of my content and run all of my pages myself, while working a full time job…all for the LOVE of SONOGRAPHY!

What would you like future Sonographers to know about the field?

This is not an easy field; as most healthcare careers aren’t. However, this does not mean to give up when it gets hard. Dig deep to decide exactly why this is the job for you, what to expect, and the rewards of being a Sonographer.

Also, know that confidence will come from experience. Ultrasound is an ever changing field; know your options, and plan your execution.

Similar to nursing and other healthcare careers, there is a broad spectrum of types of ultrasound jobs one can obtain and make a career of. There is a lot of detailed information regarding this on my blog, because it can become very confusing.

Do you have any final tips or advice that you would like to offer our readers?

Life is great every day that I have an opportunity to wake up. I LOVE what I do and I feel blessed to do what I do. I see lots of big things coming that I can’t share yet, but expect that I’m going to be helping other Sonographers for a long time!

Sonography is just like anything else; the more you practice the better you will get. Do not feel discouraged if you don’t have a natural talent for viewing someone’s insides in multiple slices and angles with a superficial probe…because you’re not supposed to! (haha) Be patient with yourself. And GOOD LUCK to you all in your journey!

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