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Interview with Sonographer Carlos Reveles, RDMS

Interview with Sonographer Carlos Reveles, RDMS

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Carlos Reveles, a high risk Ob/Gyn sonographer.  In this interview, Carlos shares with us what led to him being recently recognized as a standout sonographer by his employer, and what it’s like being a male in a traditionally female field.  Welcome Carlos!

Hello my Name is Carlos Reveles. I am a high risk OBGYN sonographer. I attended ultrasound school at PIMA medical institute. I have an Associate Degree and my OB registry, and I’m working on my fetal echo certification. I’ve been doing OB for about 2 years now going on 3.

You recently received the Star Award for Sonographer of the Year in W. Texas from your employer. Tell us about the award, and why you were this year’s recipient.

I was recently awarded the Star Award for West Texas from my company, BB Imaging. The Star Award is awarded to a sonographer that went above and beyond, was a team player, worked hard and was picked by their peers. I came a long way to earn this award. I wanted to make sure my team had everything they needed and I felt like I was there to help them.

I wanted to make sure all of us were on our A game, even other regions of our company. When our Kansas team needed help, I was asked to go and help them out for a couple of weeks and I went. I work hard everyday for this company just as they work hard to take care of each one of us. I am really glad and blessed to work for this company.

“I love what I do and wouldn’t change my career for anything.”

What made you decide to pursue sonography as a career?

I decided to work for BB Imaging after seeing all the ultrasounds for my son. It interested me how much you can see on a fetus with ultrasound. My son came out at 25 weeks and seeing the mfm drs (maternal-fetal medicine specialists) visit and being in the NICU I knew I wanted to do high risk OB.

You have chosen to work in a female-dominated field. What challenges have you experienced as a male in sonography?

The challenge I’ve faced in the field would be the weird looks I would get that I am a male in a female clinic, as well as some patients requesting a female sonographer. Yet a lot of patients prefer me as their sono.

Do you think there are limits in job opportunities for male sonographers? Especially in ObGyn?

I believe there are a lot of limits for men in this field. Sometimes co-workers don’t want to chaperone for a male sono or some patients think just because it’s a male it’s going to be weird. I hope that can turn around because this is a great career that any gender can enjoy.

Do you see the job landscape changing for men?

I really haven’t seen any changes but I hope there are more males coming into sonography.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you have received in your career?

I feel like the most valuable piece of advice I’ve gotten through my career is that we are not perfect. We are only human and we are likely to make a mistake and miss something. I keep this close to me.

What piece of advice do you have for a young man who would like to pursue sonography as a career?

If a male came to me for advice, I would tell him to go for it. I would tell him to study as much as possible and to scan as much as possible.

Nothing is better when the patient tells you thank for making the ultrasound great.

I would also tell him to make sure he always does his best in the field and to give the best patient care he can. Nothing is better than when the patient tells you thank you for making the ultrasound great. I would also tell him that ObGyn is the way to go; in my opinion it’s the best field to go into.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my career would be the smiles and joy I can give a patient showing them their baby. Nothing is better than that.

I also love that I am the Doctor’s eyes; I evaluate the fetus so the Doctor can give the best diagnosis. I love what I do and wouldn’t change my career for anything.

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