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Exciting news! The 2024 Sonography Student Scholarship recipient has been chosen.
Thanks to all applicants for your participation!

Erica Wiencek – Fall 2022 Sonography Student Scholarship Recipient

The winner of the Fall 2022 Sonography Student Scholarship is Erica Wiencek from Grand Valley State University. Congratulations Erica!

Erica Wiencek – Spring 2022 Sonography Student Scholarship Recipient“Every day I spend at Grand Valley State University pursuing my degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography further solidifies in my mind that I chose the right program. Going into college, I knew I wanted a challenge. This is why I decided on a baccalaureate level program that would prepare me to be registered in abdomen, ob/gyn, breast, and vascular sonography upon graduation.

Graduates from this program carry a certain reputation. They are not only sonographers, but highly trained medical professionals with a broad skill set that extends beyond the transducer. While preparing for four board registries, students also dedicate time to learning broader concepts in medicine, radiologic specialties, and professional and personal development. Each clinical site I have been lucky enough to have had a rotation at has commented on the skill and professionalism exuded by students from our program. The network of alumni from this program extends across the Midwest, and it is always a warm welcome when interacting with former students who graduated from GVSU.

At Grand Valley, students have the opportunity to rotate through atleast three locations to become well rounded and experienced sonographers. Our program director and clinical coordinator work incredibly hard to secure sites that offer an immersive learning experience. Personally I have rotated through a general hospital, breast clinic, vascular lab, and perinatology department learning an immense amount of knowledge on scanning, patient populations, management, and so much more! I feel so lucky to be a student in a program with such wonderful opportunities. Each student is given careful consideration for each clinical placement to ensure the site aligns with their skill set, personality, and career interests.

While the program itself is incredibly strong, that is just the foundation for the myriad of other opportunities and enrichment packed into our program. Each year, students from our program conduct research and display posters at the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography’s annual conference. Performing research is an incredible experience on its own, but to have the privilege to travel with my peers to a national conference and display our work is something that drew me to this program. I also had the opportunity to work with my instructors on additional projects in research, bioethics, and intellectual property development. We also have gotten the opportunity to listen to guest speakers from other areas of medicine, to broaden and deepen our knowledge of the health care system.

The most important factor that sets Grand Valley apart from other programs is the remarkable faculty. I can’t articulate in words alone how wonderful our program director and clinical coordinator are! Their unwavering commitment to student development is unmatched. This is reflected in their teaching methods and personalized care in working with students to match them with a clinical site that will compliment their skills and challenge them to grow. Both instructors followed through with us on assignments to continuously evolve our mastery on challenging topics. Whenever we had an assignment, it was never for a grade to put in the gradebook, it was an intentional use of our time to make us better students and sonographers. I have walked into each of their offices at times defeated or struggling and always walked out with a positive and determined mindset, armed with their anecdotes and advice. Dr. Beaves and Professor a Teft serve as excellent role models to their students. I wouldn’t be the student I am today if not for them, and I am forever grateful I ended up in the sonography program at Grand Valley State University!”

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Fall 2022 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee Volunteers

A special thank you to the fall 2022 Sonography Scholarship Selection Committee.  Please join us in thanking these wonderful volunteers for their contributions to the sonography community!

Sonography Student Scholarship
The Ultrasound Schools Info student scholarship is a national, semi-annual, non-renewable $1,000 scholarship awarded to an aspiring sonographer currently enrolled in a CAAHEP accredited diagnostic medical sonography program, or a high school student who has been accepted to a program.

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