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Ultrasound Technician Schools in South Carolina

⚠️ Class schedules and program availability may be affected by COVID-19. Please check school websites for updates.

Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in S. Carolina. Explore medical imaging education and career opportunities near you.

South Carolina

The medical industry as a whole, and sonography in particular, is seeing strong job growth across the state.  As the population ages, the need for diagnostic imaging increases and creates new opportunities for those individuals looking to get in to the field.

Below you will find all of the CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician schools in South Carolina that offer degree or certificate programs in 2020. As with most of the medical field, the demand is growing for diagnostic medical sonographers.

Be part of this growing field by attending ultrasound technician schools in South Carolina. In a state where the typical level of education is below the national average, a degree in your chosen field will help you stand out from the competition. Start by requesting information, and then speak with a representative of the school to have your questions answered. Be prepared with what you want to discuss to make sure the school will meet your needs. If you don’t see a sonography program in your area, you might want to consider exploring one of the related programs listed below.

Connect with Educational Programs near You

CAAHEP Accredited Diagnostic Sonography Programs

Each of these schools has met the CAAHEP DMS Accreditation Standards and Guidelines by passing a series of program reviews, including a self-study review and a site visit.

The successful completion of one of these recognized S. Carolina DMS programs is the most comprehensive and direct way students can earn eligibility to sit for the ARDMS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sonography Principles & Instrumentation (SPI) examination.

Accredited Sonography Schools in South Carolina in 2020

Of the many factors to consider when choosing a school to attend, accreditation should be at the top of the list.  The following schools have programs offering degrees or certificate programs in Sonography that have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), as of June 2020:


Institution Name Location Program Director Initial Accreditation Date
Greenville Technical College PO Box 5616
Greenville, SC 29606-5616
Ronda Keller BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R) 4/19/2001
Horry Georgetown Technical College Grand Strand Campus
743 Hemlock Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Caryn Atkins BS, RDMS, RVT 9/19/2008

Ultrasound Tech Certification Requirements in S. Carolina

flag of South CarolinaSouth Carolina has no specific requirements for diagnostic medical sonographers to practice in the state. However, most employers prefer or even require their ultrasound techs to carry a professional certification, so it’s something that you’ll want to consider as you begin to consider your education and career path.

Requirements for Ultrasound Technician Certification in South Carolina

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) is the primary organization offering certification for sonographers, and you must pass one of their tests to gain their certification. South Carolina has three testing centers available, but you may find a location near you by looking in the surrounding states as well. Find the locations and their contact information on the ARDMS website at ardms.org, or by calling the testing company Pearson Vue at 1-877-258-9220.

In order to sit for the exam, you must meet one of the prerequisites that the ARDMS has set forth. Probably the most common one is to graduate from a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), but there are others as well. Review the list found on the ARDMS website and see which prerequisite will be the easiest for you to meet.

Additional Certification Information

Certification overview
About the ARDMS

How Much do Ultrasound Techs make in South Carolina?

The mean annual salary is $68,800 per year as of May 2019 (actual conditions in your area may vary). For ultrasound techs just starting out in their career, entry level salaries are around $52,000 per year, while seasoned professionals or those in management (the top 10% earners) generally top out around $89,000 (BLS.gov).

Your income can vary based on numerous factors, from the level of education and experience you have, whether or not your carry ARDMS certification, your geographic location within the state, and the type of employer. Large imaging centers and hospitals tend to employ the most sonographers.

Job Growth and Salary for Ultrasound Technologist in S. Carolina

  • Mean annual salary for sonographers was $68,800 in May, 2019.
  • Job growth is expected to be 26% by 2026.
  • In 2016 there were 720 employed ultrasound techs in the state

If you’d like more information on the national level, visit our 2019 salary guide.

Medical Imaging Organizations for S. Carolina

Sonographers in the state have access to several medical imaging organizations. Benefits of membership to one of these organizations ranges from networking opportunities to access to Continuing Medical Education credits, which are necessary in order to maintain ARDMS certification.

Below you will find the websites for several such organizations that offer membership to individuals working in medical imaging. There are more that serve the national level, which you can learn about here.

S. Carolina Sonography Scholarships

Pursuing your post high school education can be costly, and scholarships and financial aid can help ease the burden. Most schools provide needs or merit-based financial assistance, and there are numerous private scholarships that can be pursued as well.

If you’re a current high school student, the career center at your school is a great place to connect with advisors who can make recommendations based on your interest and your personal financial situation.

Listed below are a few of the scholarships provided by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, plus one offered by the SDMS foundation.

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Requirements How to Apply
SC Needs-Based Grant Program Up to $2,500 Student must be enrolled in a first year, degree-seeking program. After completing the FASFA, contact the financial aid office at the institution you plan on attending.
LIFE Scholarship Program Up to $4,500 Merit-based program for students enrolled in their first post-high school degree program No application required.  The college will automatically determine eligibility.
SDMS Foundation Sonography Student Scholarship Program $2,500 Deserving sonography student who has been accepted or is currently enrolled in an educational program in diagnostic medical sonography or cardiovascular technology that is accredited by CAAHEP. Contact the SDMS Foundation at 214-473-8057 or scholarship@sdmsfoundation.org
Rural Health Information Hub varies Variety of scholarships for individuals from rural areas of S. Carolina, or who are willing to work in S. Carolina.  Applies to a variety of technical courses and careers. Refer to the RHIB website for qualifications and application assistance.
Frequently asked questions

What does an ultrasound technician do?

There’s much more than just imaging internal organs. Learn more at: ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com/ultrasound-technician. Get a complete job description, as well as first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be a sonographer.

How do I get started?

We’ll walk you through all of the steps, starting when you’re still in high school or before you’ve started any formal post-education program, all the way through finding a job and advancing in your career. Get Started Now.

How long do I have to go to school?

Most degree programs are completed within two years.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

In order to be successful in the field, you’ll need more than just technical knowledge. Here’s how you’ll know if you’ve got what it takes.

What other jobs can I get in healthcare?

There are many careers available within the healthcare industry, and we’ll introduce you to many of them here.

City Spotlight: Myrtle Beach

Ultrasound Technician Schools in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC
The economy of Myrtle Beach is based primarily around tourism, but healthcare workers are also in high demand. Myrtle Beach Hospital is one of the top employers in the city, and the Market Common area is expecting significant growth in healthcare jobs. Students who successfully complete a sonography program in Myrtle Beach will emerge into a positive job market with competitive salaries.

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