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Ultrasound Technician Schools in North Dakota

⚠️ Class schedules and program availability may be affected by COVID-19. Please check school websites for updates.

Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in North Dakota. Explore medical imaging educational and career opportunities near you.

Diagnostic medical sonographers, often referred to as ultrasound technicians, use special equipment to image the inside of the body.  Physicians then use those images to detect, diagnose and treat disease.  As a sonographer, you get to be part of the process of providing much-needed care for patients.  Medial imaging is a popular career choice due to the rewarding nature of the work, combined with a relatively short educational and training period.

Below you will find the sonography programs in North Dakota that have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Eduction Programs (CAAHEP).  You’ll also learn more about the job, what the licensing and accreditation requirements are, and how much you might earn as a sonographer.


The minimum education required to be a practicing sonographer is an Associate in Science degree.  Most of these programs require two years of full-time attendance, and will offer clinical, hands-on learning as part of their program. Accredited programs will make you eligible to sit for a national certification exam, and will prepare you for entry-level sonography positions.

Take an assessment of your skills and interests, and get started on your career by requesting information from an ultrasound technician school. If you’re prepared with a list of questions ahead of time, you’ll get the opportunity to speak to a school representative to address them, one by one.

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CAAHEP Accredited Diagnostic Sonography Programs

For a program to be accredited, it means that they meet the standards set by an outside agency, and it attests to the quality of the instruction at that institution.  The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) is the primary accrediting body for sonography and other medical imaging programs.  The program listed below has met the CAAHEP DMS Accreditation Standards and Guidelines by passing a series of program reviews, including a self-study review and a site visit.

The successful completion of one of this recognized N. Dakota DMS program is the most comprehensive and direct way students can earn eligibility to sit for the ARDMS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sonography Principles & Instrumentation (SPI) examination.

Accredited Sonography Schools in North Dakota in 2020

The following school has three sonography programs – General, Vascular, and Cardiac – that have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) as of June, 2020.

Sanford Medical Center
3148 Fiechtner Dr S
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 234-4984
Program Director: Stefanie Anderson BA, RDMS, RVT
Email: stefanie.anderson@sanfordhealth.org

Programs offered:
Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences with tracks in:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Echocardiography

Job placement scores: 100% for class of 2019
ARDMS pass rate:. 100% for class of 2019
The program is offered in partnership with North Dakota State University

N. Dakota Sonography Career Resources

Diagnostic medical sonography is one of the highest paid professions available with just an associate’s degree. Most technicians find work in the state’s general medical and surgical hospitals, although employment is also available in physicians’ offices or diagnostic imaging centers.

According to statistics offered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), sonographers in North Dakota earned a median salary of $70,760 in 2019, or $34.02 per hour (conditions in your area may vary).

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Certification Requirements in North Dakota

North Dakota State FlagIn March, 2015, North Dakota became the third state in the country to require practicing Sonographers to carry a state license. More information on North Dakota’s licensing requirements, fees, and applications can be found at on the state’s website at http://www.nd.gov/.

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) is the primary organization offering certification for sonographers, and they administer tests that must be passed in order to be awarded that certification. The test administrator, Pearson Vue, has a search tool that will help you find the nearest testing center.  Visit https://home.pearsonvue.com/ardms to learn more.

In order to take the ARDMS exam, one of their prerequisites must be met. Probably the most common way to meet their requirements is to graduate from a program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), but this is certainly not the only way. Read through the requirements on the ARDMS website, and determine which will be the easiest one for you to meet.

Additional Certification Information

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Frequently asked questions

What does an ultrasound technician do?

There’s much more than just imaging internal organs. Learn more at: ultrasoundschoolsinfo.com/ultrasound-technician. Get a complete job description, as well as first-hand accounts of what it’s like to be a sonographer.

How do I get started?

We’ll walk you through all of the steps, starting when you’re still in high school or before you’ve started any formal post-education program, all the way through finding a job and advancing in your career. Get Started Now.

How long do I have to go to school?

Most degree programs are completed within two years.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

In order to be successful in the field, you’ll need more than just technical knowledge. Here’s how you’ll know if you’ve got what it takes.

What other jobs can I get in healthcare?

There are many careers available within the healthcare industry, and we’ll introduce you to many of them here.

City Spotlight: Fargo

Ultrasound Technician Schools in Fargo

Fargo, ND
U.S. News and World Report recently named Fargo the #1 City For Finding a Job, and indeed employment has skyrocketed in the city and across the state. As the population has boomed, the need for trained and qualified healthcare workers has grown significantly. Attending a sonography program in Fargo will help prepare you for a position in the sought-after field. If you don’t see a program near you, or you aren’t yet able to meet their entrance requirements, consider pursuing a degree or certificate in one of the many allied health fields. Job growth is expected all around.

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